About Sqroma and Woum

Sqroma is the first commercial release by Woum, a solo indie developer based in France.

The game is about moving a square across 2d puzzles. You'll find on your way different type of ennemies of different colors. To pass, you'll have to simply dodge the bullets; make them destroy themself creating a path to the victory; or fill yourself with the colors and simply pass through them.
But sometimes the only solution will be to use your body and take a bullet for your futur self! The level doesn't reset after each death, each bullet taken is a bullet your futur self won't have to deal with or even better, this simple action will disrupt the equilibrium of the level and create new paths.

Key Features

-69 handmade levels
-41 challenges, levels have multiple ways out but you don't need to pass the hard way to finish the game
-Multiple mechanisms and enemies introduced softly before going further
-The level does not reset after your current cube death, use it wisely to take a bullet for your future self and create a way out!
-No time limit nor lives, take your time and how many tries you want

Fact Sheet

-Developer : Woum base in France.
-Platforms : Steam,Switch
-Release Date : 28th February 2022
-Price : 5.99€/5.99$ on Steam, 8.99€/8.99$ Switch
-Sqroma Website
-Woum's Twitter


Base Level
Example Level
Love Ennemies
Example challenge



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